AI for Institutional Real Estate Investing

Apers Streamlines Analytic and Operational Workflows, Fast-Tracks Critical Tasks, and Slashs Overhead Costs – Effortlessly.

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Apers builds AI solutions for institutional real estate investors and lenders, created with decade-long real estate asset pricing and AI research from Harvard and MIT. It simplifies complex data into actionable insights, aiding investors in strategic decision-making.


AI Automation: Taking Your IRR to the Next Level

Every minute counts for complex transactions. Apers is here to turbocharge your team with the world-class AI systems available. Apers automates the time-consuming repetitive tasks so your team can focus on achieving the highest returns.

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Automated Due Diligence

Save 100+ hrs by using large language models to speed up and improve the accuracy of due diligence processes.

Advanced Market Analytics

Advanced quantitative RE analytic tools and insights are at your fingertips.

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Decision Support

AI-powered support for strategic investment decisions. Crystalize your decisions with algorithms like Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).


Getting Wrong Less. Getting Right Fast.

Apers fast-tracks quality executions so you can hit higher IRR hurdles.

Automated Execution
Leaves the standard procedure like data processing, rent-roll analysis, and due diligence on auto-mode
Deal Processing Speed
Extracts relevant internal and external information to help you understand if news deals are “Go” or “Pass”
Reduction in Non-Investment Employees
Apers automates the supporting task so your shop can deploy support staff more efficiently
Always Stand-by
Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. Apers is always by your side and ready to get things done. 24/7.