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You'll receive:
  • Figma Design
  • 2 x revisions
  • Webflow Development
  • Simple integrations
$ 5,000.00 USD

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Samples of what you will receive:

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

How Rea works?

We've developed a Multi-Agent System (MAS) specifically for real estate analysis. Behind the scenes, AI agents work independently to complete analysis tasks. Their results are then synthesized to provide optimal insights.

Who's Rea for?

Rea is ideal for small-team investors, lenders, and brokers without full-time acquisition/underwriting teams. We've designed Rea to democratize access to professional-grade analysis, enabling even one-person operations to leverage institutional-quality processes.


Rea is currently in beta testing. Users can access the platform for free for five reports while we continuously refine and enhance the system. For additional analyses, you could get 50 reports with only $5.

Can Rea make mistakes?

AI models can sometimes provide inaccurate information because they generate responses based on patterns in their training data rather than accessing a database of verified facts, so it's important to verify critical information from external sources.

Hey there 🙌🏽 This is Creatify Agency Template by BYQ studio
Template details

Included in Creatify Agency

Creatify Agency Template comes with everything you need

13+ pages

20+ sections

20+ Styles & Symbols

Figma file included

To give you 100% control over the design, together with Webflow project, you also get the Figma file. After the purchase, simply send us an email to and we will e happy to forward you the Figma file.

Creatify Comes With Even More Power

Overview of all the features included in Creatify Agency Template

Premium, custom, simply great

Yes, we know... it's easy to say it, but that's the fact. We did put a lot of thought into the template. Creatify Agency was designed by an award-winning designer. Layouts you will find in our template are custom made to fit the industry after carefully made research.

Optimised for speed

We used our best practices to make sure your new website loads fast. All of the images are compressed to have as little size as possible. Whenever possible we used vector formats - the format made for the web.


Creatify Agency is optimized to offer a frictionless experience on every screen. No matter how you combine our sections, they will look good on desktop, tablet, and phone.

Reusable animations

Both complex and simple animations are an inseparable element of modern website. We created our animations in a way that can be easily reused, even by Webflow beginners.


Our template is modular, meaning you can combine different sections as well as single elements, like buttons, images, etc. with each other without losing on consistency of the design. Long story short, different elements will always look good together.

100% customisable

On top of being modular, Creatify Agency was created using the best Webflow techniques, like: global Color Swatches, reusable classes, symbols and more.


Creatify Agency includes a blog, team and projects collections that are made on the powerful Webflow CMS. This will let you add new content extremely easily.


Creatify Agency Template comes with eCommerce set up, so you can start selling your services straight away.

Figma included

To give you 100% control over the design, together with Webflow project, you also get the Figma file.